100% BLACKOUT Sleep Mask



100% BLACKOUT Sleep Mask



Light is the enemy of deep sleep, ORTOREX™️ Mask helps you find total darkness wherever you zzzz.

Just a pinprick of light can disrupt REM and deep sleep, leading to post-sleep tiredness. That’s why ORTOREX™️ Mask perfectly covers and conforms to your eyes to block 100% of light, even in broad daylight — so you always get deep, uninterrupted sleep.

PERFECT FIT Fine-tune your mask for a fit so seamless, you barely feel it on your face

COMFY & DURABLE Made to last with soft, breathable, gentle materials

ZERO EYE PRESSURE Deeply molded eye covers for complete comfort in every position

100% BLACKOUT Blocks 100% of light to maximize deep sleep in any environment

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  1. H***n (verified buyer)

    Great Britain

    I’ve been suffering from insomnia for years. This is very helpful and helps me sleep deeper. My sleep quality definitely improved. 5 stars!!

  2. A****a (verified buyer)

    Great Britain

    I can’t imagine my sleep without it now! It’s a very well-made mask. Highly recommend.

  3. E*** (verified buyer)

    Great Britain

    Completely dark experience! LOVE it!

  4. G***y (verified buyer)

    Great Britain

    A very high-quality sleep mask. No press on your head. Block out all light very effectively. Very happy with the purchase!!

  5. S***n (verified buyer)

    Great Britain

    Super soft and comfy on my eyes! It blocks the daylight 100%!!