Liquid Comb Scalp Massaging Applicator

Original price was: £38.00.Current price is: £24.99.


Liquid Comb Scalp Massaging Applicator

Original price was: £38.00.Current price is: £24.99.

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Say goodbye to smear by hand!

The Ortorex Liquid Comb is an innovative way to maintain scalp hygiene and health. Featuring a 50ml tank, it keeps your hands free from applying your favorite hair products. Widely spaced and patterned in a gentle arch, it is suitable for every hair type: straight, curly, wavy, and zig-zag.

Deep treatment
The Ortorex Comb Applicator delivers hair liquids directly to the scalp without smearing over hair, helping them reach the follicles faster. The massaging process also boosts scalp absorption of the treatment and beauty products you use.
Hair growth
Our comb features elastic teeth with rolling balls. Using it as a scalp massager improves your head's blood microcirculation and ensures a steady supply of nutrients to the follicles. As a result, regular use of our tool stabilizes and reverses hair loss.
Ultimate comfort
Our liquid comb is comfortable to use. The soft and flexible bristles don’t hurt or scratch the scalp, as well as don’t tangle hair. In addition, our massaging comb has an ergonomic shape which makes it easy to grasp.
No leakage

The rolling ball teeth expose the liquid only when you press the comb against your head, preventing waste and mess.

Various liquids

The Ortorex Massaging Comb is suitable for all kinds of essential oils, tonics, conditioners, nutrient solutions, and other liquids with low viscosity.

Easy to use

Just fill the comb with the necessary liquid, close the lid, and start massaging your head.

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  1. D*****a (verified buyer)

    United Kingdom

    I like this applicator, because it stores my oils, I can use it for application, and it is perfect for massaging the oils in. It is very simple and easy to use and clean. It also isn’t big, so it’s easy to store.

  2. K***y (verified buyer)

    United Kingdom

    This device can distribute essential oils on the scalp without getting it all over your hair and hand. Perfectly fits the scalp. The oil comes out just fine when you roll it on your head.

  3. A***y (verified buyer)

    United Kingdom

    I have dry scalp and find myself rubbing the shampoo too hard sometimes, which then irritates my scalp. So this applicator comb was a nice way to distribute a hydrating oil on my scalp.

  4. S***e (verified buyer)

    United Kingdom

    I use a scalp treatment for thinning hair and it’s been a messy thing to use. It gets all over my hands and too many places on my hair where I don’t want it to be. This scalp massaging hair treatment applicator makes things so much easier and less messy. I tap it on my scalp a few times, then massage my scalp in a circular motion. That seems to work best for me.

  5. H***y (verified buyer)

    United Kingdom

    I have really thick hair and a sensitive scalp and I really struggle to get shampoo into my hair and get it clean. This device allows you to put a liquid into the ball and then the small combs have a push-release effect to let the liquid out next to your scalp. Great thing.

  6. B*****y (verified buyer)

    United Kingdom

    I have been looking for a product like this for a while. I was so happy to find it on Ortorex! I have been using it with different essential oil blends and sometimes with rose water or lavender water. I think it’s so much better than the traditional way. Worth every penny!

  7. L**y (verified buyer)

    United Kingdom

    This comb works really well. I use minoxidil solution for hair loss and this thing has made it so much easier to apply. It also doesn’t get trapped on your hair. Highly recommend this thing!

  8. Z***e (verified buyer)

    United Kingdom

    Very nice little device and easy to use. The best thing is that the oil can be applied to the scalp directly. No mess.

  9. M****e (verified buyer)

    United Kingdom

    Easy and even application. Easy to fill. Tiny rollers deliver your hair care products where directed. Feels good actually. Don’t push, it works with little or minimal pressure. Would recommend

  10. O***e (verified buyer)

    United Kingdom

    It is great for those who would like to get nutrients (or medication) directly to the scalp. I’ve used it for scalp & root oils for general hair healthcare