Orthopedic Knee Pillow for Side Sleepers



Orthopedic Knee Pillow for Side Sleepers




The ORTHOREX ™ knee pillow is designed to ensure a comfortable and healthy sleep on your side.
The special triangular shape allows you to comfortably place the pillow between your knees.
This product effectively reduces tension in the back and thighs. The premium viscoelastic foam
from which the pillow is made has a memory effect and quickly returns to its original shape after
use, without losing its orthopedic properties.


Orthopedic countour
The orthopedic contour of the pillow helps
to relieve the muscles as much as possible, provide comfort to the knees and promotes
free blood flow in the lower extremities


Memory foam
Premium memory foam has high plasticity
and evenly distributes the load over
the entire surface of the pillow.

Removable cover
The Removable cover of the knee pillow
is sewn from awear-resistant
hypoallergenic material that can
be easily washed

Sciatica, Back & Hip Pain Relie

Orthopedic knee support pillow relieves
ressure so you feel much more rested.

Recommended By Doctors

The perfect knee pillow for side sleepers,
lower back pain, knee pain, hip support,
and during pregnancy.

Stay-On Technology

Leg strap secures your knee pillow between
legs for sleeping and helps align your legs,
hips, and spine.

More reasons to love our pillows

Dust-mite Resistant

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  1. Molly Powell (verified buyer)

    United Kingdom

    I will never sleep without one of these Again! I want to buy 2 more! I take it on vacation with me even!

  2. S**a (verified buyer)

    United Kingdom

    Thank you so much! the item is very good, exactly as in the pictures.

  3. J**y (verified buyer)

    United Kingdom

    Fairly soft compared to an alternative one we had previously!

  4. N****n (verified buyer)

    United Kingdom

    The most comfortable knee pillow, cannot go to sleep without it. The shape and the material is so good it does not slip

  5. M***y (verified buyer)

    United Kingdom

    This pillow is great, the shape fits perfectly between my legs, and the elastic leg strap keeps it from being kicked out in the night.